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Our Roasted Hickory is unlike anything else on the market. Slow roasted and bursting with flavor and aroma, roasted hickory offers the characteristics of our syrup - notes of caramel, roasted nuts and hints of charred woodin an intense compact form. Combine the two to take any recipe to the next level.

Made from 100% roasted Shagbark Hickory bark. 

One ingredient. Endless uses. 

With vast culinary uses, this unique specialty ingredient will quickly become a staple in your gourmet spice cabinet. 

Grill. Use as a dry rub on meat. Thoroughly cover the outside of pork rubs and grill to form a flavorful BBQ bark (no pun intended) in just minutes and without the intensity of full smoke flavor. 

Bake. Add a tablespoon to cookie or baked good recipes - Biscotti, Pizzelle, sugar cookies, muffins - for a burst of roasted hickory flavor

Garnish dishes from savory to sweet (and add a drizzle of syrup for an extra pop). 

Rim the glass of your old fashioned, margarita or other favorite cocktail (use hickory syrup to stick)

Brew into a relaxing, healing tea. High in magnesium, Shagbark Hickory is known to reduce swelling and inflammation. Bloom 1/8 tsp of ground hickory in 8 oz of hot water for 2 minutes. Sweeten with hickory syrup, if desired.

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